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How Prayers Work?

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So here is my theory on “how your prayers are answered by the Omnipresent?”

Its our day to day routine to offer prayers to God after taking bath. We do flattering things to please The God, like putting on two nice smelling incense sticks, reading the verses etc. and then in return ask The God to return the favour by making our wishes come true. So, how does this stuff works?

Its all about psychology. Its nothing impractical that you want from God. All your wishes are quite reasonable and achievable by sheer hard work and some luck. So, when you start praying for that thing to happen, you actually are willing to get it at any cost. You also start striving hard to get it and that’s how your wishes are fulfilled. Its no magic, its the result of strong will power and determination.

So, next time you wish for something, first try to get it on your own and test this theory yourself. Smile


Written by prkhr

December 12, 2011 at 5:55 pm

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Stubborn Anna

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While there are lots of words of praise for Team Anna. I am not in very support of Team Anna on every matter. They are kind of behaving in a stubborn manner on accepting only the Anna version of JanLokpal Bill, which is not a great thing. They are not even considering the other versions. Since, there are already many versions doing round, I make public my own version of JanLokpal.

My take on main points:

  • On inductment of PM under JanLokpal : Yes, PM should also come under the scanner as there are many examples from around the world where the supremes of the nation were caught for wrongdoings.
  • On including lower level of bureaucracy : However it is beyond any doubt that there is also corruption on lower rung ( recent case being a “group D” employee having property worth 10 crore) but it would be very difficult and tedious to track down so many cases. As there is very low corruption i at lower level. Hence, they can be forgone for some time and at later times they can also be inducted.

So, instead of pressing demand for Anna version, they should crave for stronger LokPal.

Written by prkhr

December 8, 2011 at 5:36 am

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Grades Out

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It proved to be a wonderful semester, as long as grades are concerned. Because it wasn’t my hardwork that paid off but it was sheer luck. In almost every course I survived a lower grade just by very few marks.

Analyzing it in chronological order ( in order as grades come out ) :
– Engg Drawing : I don’t know anything, but still got BC. Lucky.
– Data Analysis : The post mid-sem syllabus was pretty difficult. I got an AB just because I did well in the mid sem and it was no big deal as the syllabus for mid sem was very simple and was similar to JEE. So, my JEE hard work comes for rescue. Yippie!
– Calculus : I went for end sem without completing the last two tutorials carrying a 10% overall weightage, still lucky enough that I was able to crack those 10% only on the basis of theory I read. Also, calculus didn’t seem much hard. 🙂
– Economics : Whoaa!! I was never expectin an AB in economics, didn’t because I scored less but because every other person scored same marks as me. Still AB, its a surprise. My end-sem also went as average.
– Physics Lab : My internals were very good but when they were weighed down, it hardly made any difference because it was scaled down to a one-seventh scale. But end-sem was perfect. So AA. First AA in First Semester.
– Mod Phy : The course that brought down my SPI significantly down. A CD was expected. So, no regret.

Without any pain, making it close to 8 is actually kinda great. 😀

Written by prkhr

December 7, 2011 at 6:56 pm

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